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The Fremont Public Schools Maintenance Department is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and clean environment for our students and staff. Our department is comprised of 4 maintenance/grounds Technician Specialists and 1 part time seasonal employees.  The members of our team are, Tim Zuchowski-maintenance tech, Jarrod McBride-Grounds supervisor, Harry Braafhart-gounds/utility maintenance, Kevin Driscoll-grounds/utility maintenance, Michelle Bourdeaux-summer grounds and Ryan Ergang-Director. 

Fremont Public School district consists of 6 instructional buildings, 15 non-instructional buildings totaling over 500,000 square feet, 5 playgrounds and 16 athletic fields.  Our facilities set on approximately 266 acres.

Eleven years ago, Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA entered into a shared services agreement to share one Director of Operations to serve both Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA. This arrangement allows for not only sharing the Director, but also man-power such as grounds-keeping, skilled maintenance and equipment. With the state requiring the consolidation of non-instructional services, Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA were ahead of the requirements by entering into this arrangement.

The daily cleaning of our buildings are maintained by our cleaning services contractor, Grand Rapids Building Services.

As we close down the warm days of summer and begin the cool mornings of fall we look back at our busy summer.  The summer started with the sinking fund project at Daisy Brook and Pathfinder with the new secured entryways construction.  All furniture, artwork, pictures, showcases needed to be removed and stored to make way for the contractors to begin work.  Check out our WWSD website and our FPS web page for the progress pictures. 

Below are a few hi-lites of the improvements made.

  • At Pine Street, Quest High School, Bus Garage, Maintenance building and Daisy Brook, we were able to take advantage of the Consumers Energy Rebate program to change out all of our fluorescent lights to new longer lasting energy efficient LED lamps. 
  • New doors and frames were installed on the kitchen doors at the Middle School as well as Daisy Brook.  We also added another level of security with electronic access control to these doors.
  • Parking lot drains at Daisy Brook and the bus garage were repaired.
  • The Middle School kitchen received new ceiling tile and grid.  All heating pipes above that ceiling were also insulated. 
  • Several trees and bushes were trimmed at Pathfinder.
  • Repaired several leaks in the irrigation systems throughout the district.
  • Painted the floors in the walk in cooler and freezer at the High School.
  • Installed a new drainage bed in front of Pathfinder for water drainage from parking lots.
  • Installed a large piece of artwork from the Daisy Brook Reads celebration on the wall in the hallway. 
  • The football practice field was left idle this year for improvements due to hard use over the years.  The field was top dressed, fertilized and watered.  Ready for use next fall.
  • A new football practice field was opened up this year where the former tennis courts were located behind the home bleachers at Pine Athletic Complex.  A portable irrigation system was also created for that field. 
  • New cement pads were installed for the new bleachers at the Varsity Softball and Varsity Baseball fields.

Our maintenance department has responded to over 400 work requests made by our staff since school let out last June.  We are finishing up mowing and trimming and are blowing out all of our irrigation systems.  We have overseeded and fertilized our athletic fields.  All of our boilers and heating systems are up and running for the winter season.  Salters and snow plows will be ready to go for the upcoming winter season.

A special thank you goes out to Fremont Wesleyan Church for organizing a work project on September 22nd.  They brought a crew of individuals to Daisy Brook playground and gave the old playground equipment a fresh new paint job.  Thank you very much for your community spirit.

-Ryan Ergang, Director of Operations

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