Maintenance Department

The Fremont Public Schools Maintenance Department is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and clean environment for our students and staff. Our department is comprised of 4 maintenance/grounds Technician Specialists and 2 part time seasonal employees.

Fremont Public School district consists of 6 instructional buildings, 15 non-instructional buildings totaling over 500,000 square feet, 5 playgrounds and 16 athletic fields.  Our facilities set on approximately 266 acres.

Ten years ago, Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA entered into a shared services agreement to share one Director of Operations to serve both Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA. This arrangement allows for not only sharing the Director, but also man-power such as grounds-keeping, skilled maintenance and equipment. With the state requiring the consolidation of non-instructional services, Fremont Public Schools and Newaygo County RESA were ahead of the requirements by entering into this arrangement.

The daily cleaning of our buildings are maintained by our cleaning services contractor, Grand Rapids Building Services.

This past fall we saw some remarkable changes in our facilities and grounds.  Below are a few hi-lites of the improvements made.

  • All of our buildings received new LED lighting to illuminate our flags
  • A stretch of the failing asphalt on our HS drive was replaced
  • Facility facelifts on all the dug outs, press boxes and restroom facilities at the MS athletic complex were completed.  A special thank you to Jeff Foster (Varsity Baseball coach) for the construction of a new storage shed for Baseball equipment
  • Four classrooms at Daisy Brook received new carpet
  • The Middle School received 30 new tables for 2 classrooms.  The maintenance department assembled the new and removed the old tables 
  • Quest lockers that were re-purposed from the old High School had new combination locks installed
  • Several over grown trees and shrubs were removed around the walk path and outdoor classroom at the Middle School
  • You will probably notice 3 new pieces of playground equipment that were installed at Pathfinder Elementary.  This was one of the first expenditures of the new sinking fund.  The structures were purchased and installed by the contractor, the old structures were removed and new drainage was installed by our maintenance department

Our maintenance department has responded to over 300 work requests made by our staff since school began this fall.  We have finished mowing and trimming and have overseeded and fertilized our athletic fields.  All of our boilers and heating systems are up and running for the winter season.  Salters and snow plows are ready to go for the upcoming winter season.


-Ryan Ergang, Director of Operations

710 Lake Drive
Fremont, MI 49412
Phone: (231) 924-8829
Fax: (231) 924-8877

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Ryan Ergang
Director of Operations