Warm, Wired, Safe, and Dry
Sinking Fund Initiative

2021 - 2022

Building and Site Improvements

Middle School and Pathfinder Chillers External Link    
Middle School 6th Grade Carpet and Exterior Door Numbering External Link    
2020 - 2021

Building and Site Improvements

Pine Street Athletic Field  External Link    
2019 - 2020

Building and Site Improvements

Quest Floors-Carpet  External Link    
Middle School Roof Restoration  External Link    
Daisy Brook Playground  External Link    
Pathfinder Playground  External Link    
Pathfinder Outdoor Classroom  External Link    
2018 - 2019

Building and Site Improvements


Technology Improvements

Quest Roof Restoration  External Link   Daisy Brook Computer Labs  External Link
Daisy Brook Secured Vestibule  External Link    
Pathfinder Secured Vestibule  External Link    
2002 - 2020

Completed Sinking Fund Expenditures

PDF Document2002-2017 From 2002-2012 Sinking Fund


Sinking Fund Frequently Asked Questions

The Sinking Fund initiative will provide essential building updates for

Fremont Public School Students!

Overall building safety and security for our students and community is the top priority for the district.




  • Mechanical control upgrades at the Middle and Elementary Schools
  • Repairs/improvement of facilities and grounds
  • Repairs to classroom heating units
  • New piping systems from boilers to classroom units
  • Exterior doors


  • Technology upgrades across the district
  • Network Upgrades
  • Wi-Fi Enhancements
  • New computers and tablets for kids




  • Secure entrances for Pathfinder and Daisy Brook
  • Playground safety improvements
  • Renovation of decommissioned track to allow us to compete again 
  • Locker room upgrades
  • Bathroom improvements
  • Lighting improvements


  • Roofing upgrades to Daisy Brook and Pathfinder
  • Kalwall Pyramid Ceilings at Pathfinder
  • Ceiling tiles

A sinking fund dedicates an annual amount of funds for projects and expenses related to school facilities and equipment, while protecting the community’s investment in school facilities and preserving the district’s general fund dollars for student and classroom needs.