April 24, 2017
7:00 p.m.


The Regular Board meeting of the Fremont Board of Education was called to order by President Ed Wosinski at 7:00 p.m.


Present: Ed Wosinski, Terri Blake, Rick St. Peter, Matt Hendrie, Jen Scott, Crystal Calkins and Kevin Kaastra.


Absent: None


Ed Wosinski, President, led the Pledge of Allegiance.


People that addressed the Board: Ken Haggart (Superintendent), Bing Hanson (Director of Finance), Mark Tarquini (Community member/WWSD Administrator), Deb Wightman (Principal of Fremont Middle School) and Andrea Wood (Principal of Pathfinder Elementary School).


Approval of Agenda


# 6292 - Motion by Kevin and seconded by Jen to approve the agenda.


Ayes 7; Nays 0 Motion passed.


Public Participation


         Mark Tarquini remarked to the Board his concerns of maintenance issues that have yet to be completed and updated the Board on lane lines that have been ordered for the pool at FCRA.




         Presentations of new teachers: Andrea Wood (Principal of Pathfinder Elementary School) introduced Megan Rasmussen. Deb Wightman (Principal of Fremont Middle School) introduced Kaitlyn VanBoven. The Board welcomed the new staff to Fremont Public Schools.


Approval of Consent Agenda Items


# 6293 Motion by Rick and seconded by Matt to approve the consent Agenda items:


         Approve minutes of March 13, 2017 Regular Session Board of Education Meeting

         Approve minutes of March 27, 2017 Regular Session Board of Education Meeting

         Approve disbursement for the month of March, 2017 in the amount of $3,221,343.40


Ayes 7; Nays 0 Motion Passed.


Leadership Reports

Ken Haggart, Superintendent

         Superintendent Haggart welcomed the new teachers.

         Informed the Board that all principals are finishing their building reviews working with School Improvement plans which are due June 30 and Building Plans September 1

         Informed the Board of the request from Newaygo County Drain Commissioner, Dale Twing, requesting to move the recycling site to property the school owns on 56th Street. The Board discussed and tabled for future review and discussion.

         Informed the Board that negotiations with FEA to begin June 14.

         Stated that FHS Packer Pride Clean-Up Day this past Friday was a success within the community. Ken stated he has received notes of appreciation.

         Suggested to the Board to consider the reduction or reformat of Board Committee meetings.

         Informed the Board of his plans to attend the GVSU Job Fair the following day for teacher recruitment.

         Reminded the board of the Fremont High School play (3 performances) plus Pathfinder and Daisy Brook musicals (2 performances each) this week.

         Discussed with the Board upcoming June meetings: June 12 (Regular meeting) and June 19, instead of June 26, (Retreat, Public Hearing and Regular meeting to be held at Stone Lodge).



Bing Hanson, Director of Finance



Board Committee Reports

         Finance Matt Hendrie, Chair report previously given.

         Policy Rick St. Peter, Chair report previously given.

         Personnel Terri Blake, Chair report previously given.

         Facilities Jen Scott, Chair discussed Sinking Fund millage proposal and campaign.


Action Agenda


# 6294 Motion by Terri and seconded by Matt to approve the hire of Megan Rasmussen, Pathfinder Elementary School Teacher and Kaitlyn VanBoven, Middle School Teacher.


Ayes 7; Nays 0 Motion passed.


#6295 Motion by Crystal and seconded by Rick to approve Policy 5205 Weapons. Rick St. Peter read 2nd reading of policy.


Ayes 7; Nays 0 Motion passed.


Board Communications/Discussion


         Sinking Fund Ken discussed with the Board sinking fund millage promotions and meetings. Mark Tarquini, WWSD Committee Administrator, explained to the Board recent Facebook posts. The Board discussed with Ken comments and communications they have received.

         Pool Board discussion regarding use of pool at FCRA.




# 6296 - Motion by Matt and seconded by Crystal to adjourn the meeting at 7:57 p.m.


Ayes 7; Nays 0 Motion passed.