May 8, 2017
7:15 p.m.


The Regular Board meeting of the Fremont Board of Education was called to order by President Ed Wosinski at 7:12 p.m.


Present: Ed Wosinski, Terri Blake, Matt Hendrie, Jen Scott, and Crystal Calkins.

Absent:  Kevin Kaastra and Rick St. Peter


Ed Wosinski, President, led the Pledge of Allegiance.


People that addressed the Board:  Ken Haggart (Superintendent), Bing Hanson (Director of Finance), Deb Brinkman (STEAM teacher), STEAM students and parents, Ryan Ergang (Director of Maintenance), Mark Tarquini (Community member/WWSD Administrator) and Rick Webb (Director of Technology).


Approval of Agenda


# 6297 - Motion by Terri and seconded by Jen to approve the agenda.  Addition to agenda to add names to #9 Action Agenda:  Consider Resolution to name candidates:  Laura Johnson and David Robinson for NCRESA Board Election


Ayes – 5; Nays – 0 Motion passed.


Public Participation


·         None




·         Ken Haggart, Superintendent, introduced Deb Brinkman, STEAM teacher at Pathfinder Elementary.  Deb thanked the Board and explained the program.  She introduced students that attend the STEAM program.  Students and parents commented positively on this program.


Approval of Consent Agenda Items


# 6298 – Motion by Matt and seconded by Crystal to approve the consent Agenda items:


·         Approve minutes of April 24, 2017 Regular Session Board of Education Meeting

·         Approve disbursement for the month of April, 2017 in the amount of $5,035,232.05


Ayes – 5; Nays – 0 Motion passed.


Leadership Reports

Ken Haggart, Superintendent


·         Superintendent Haggart thanked the students, parents and Deb Brinkman for their attendance and comments on the STEAM program.  He stated FPS will investigate possibility of upper elementary program.

·         Introduced Ryan Ergang, Director of Maintenance, who presented to the Board a handout on completed maintenance projects.  Ryan explained and the Board Discussed.

·         Expressed condolences on the loss of former Board member, Jim Featherstone.

·         Informed the Board of his meeting with the Food Service Department that day and discussed the possible directions of leadership for that department following Denise’s retirement.

·         Informed the Board of the recent resignation of a high school teacher.

·         Informed the Board of the switch to EduStaff for substitute resourcing and was impressed.  Board discussion followed on teacher directives/lesson plans for substitutes and fill rate.


Bing Hanson, Director of Finance

·         Stated she is working on next year’s budget but waiting on State’s budget approval.  Board questioned.

·         Proposed 2017-18 budget to be presented June 19, 2017 at Public Hearing.


Board Committee Reports

·         Finance – Matt Hendrie, Chair – report previously given.

·         Policy – Rick St. Peter, Chair – absent – noted next meeting is the following day 5/9/17

·         Personnel – Terri Blake, Chair – met 5/5/17   Discussed Maintenance Department, Strategic plans for both Maintenance and Technology Departments, hiring processes, employee health and Administrative Assistant who is retiring.

·         Facilities – Jen Scott, Chair – report previously given.


Action Agenda


# 6299 –  Motion by Jen and seconded by Terri to consider Resolution for named candidates Laura Johnson and David Robinson and FPS board voting representative Ed Wosinski and alternate Terri Blake for NCRESA Board Election.  Board questioned and discussed.


Ayes – 5; Nays – O Motion passed.


# 6300 – Motion by Matt and seconded by Crystal to approve Board Resolution in support NCRESA General Fund Budget for 2017-18.


Ayes – 5; Nays – 0 Motion passed.


Board Communications/Discussion


·         Sinking Fund – Ken discussed with the Board, plus Ryan Ergang (Director of Maintenance), Mark Tarquini (Community Member/WWSD Administrator) and Rick Webb (Director of Technology) the passing of the Sinking Fund Millage.  Discussion followed on website posts and other areas to keep community informed of information and expenditures.  Ken stated WWSD/YES Committee will meet regularly to assist in prioritizing projects.

·         Recreation Authority – Ken discussed with the Board the recent sale of the theatre equipment and property.




# 6301 - Motion by Crystal and seconded by Jen to adjourn the meeting at 9:33 p.m.


Ayes – 5; Nays – 0 Motion passed.