May 22, 2017
7:00 p.m.


The Regular Board meeting of the Fremont Board of Education was called to order by President Ed Wosinski at 7:04 p.m.


Present: Ed Wosinski, Terri Blake, Matt Hendrie, Jen Scott, Crystal Calkins and Kevin Kaastra.


Absent: Rick St. Peter


Ed Wosinski, President, led the Pledge of Allegiance.


People that addressed the Board:  Ken Haggart (Superintendent), Bing Hanson (Director of Finance), Ryan Ransom (teacher at Pathfinder Elementary School) and Carol Bazzett (teacher assistant at Pathfinder Elementary School), Connie Llewellyn (teacher at Daisy Brook Elementary School), Rachel Ward (Fremont High School student) and students from Mrs. Llewellyn’s 4th grade classroom.


Approval of Agenda


# 6302 – Motion by Terri and seconded by Crystal to approve the agenda.


Ayes – 6; Nays – 0 Motion passed.


Public Participation


·         None.




·         YES Committee Recognition – Ed recognized the YES Committee and thanked them for their hard work on the passing of the Sinking Fund Millage.  Cake was served.

·         Pathfinder Math Program Presentation – Ryan Ransom (teacher at Pathfinder Elementary) and Carol Bazzett (teacher assistant at Pathfinder Elementary) presented on Title Math.  The Board and audience commented and questioned.

·         Student Recognition – Mrs. Connie Llewellyn (teacher at Daisy Brook Elementary School) honored high school student, Rachel Ward, for her work in her 4th grade classroom with teaching foreign language to her students.  Rachel led several students from Mrs. Llewellyn’s classroom in a song for the Board.  Ed thanked Rachel.


Approval of Consent Agenda Items


# 6303 – Motion by Jen and seconded by Crystal to approve the consent agenda items.

·         Approve minutes of May 8, 2017 Regular Session Board of Education Meeting.


Ayes – 6; Nays – 0 Motion passed


Leadership Reports

Ken Haggart, Superintendent

·         Superintendent Haggart requested that a list of upcoming retirement parties be sent to the Board.

·         Stated that he is pleased with the number of students applying for Schools of Choice.

·         Ken covered NICHE for high school ratings in three areas:  sports, teachers and school.

·         Thanked Matt Hendrie and city police officers and the FPS maintenance department for their assistance for graduation on Sunday.  He also stated it was a very nice ceremony.

·         Advised that the Marzano evaluation program is being updated.

·         Stated that communications with FCRA will begin quarterly or more often.

·         Stated that 56th Street will not be an option for Recycling Center relocation.  Another option is available.

·         Recognized Ryan Ransom for his work in Title Math and stated students and scores improving.


Bing Hanson, Director of Finance

·         Stated she is working on budgets.

·         Stated that Finance will meet June 2.


Board Committee Reports

·         Finance – Matt Hendrie, Chair – next meeting June 2

·         Policy – Rick St. Peter, Chair -  next meeting TBD

·         Personnel – Terri Blake, Chair – next meeting TBD

·         Facilities – Jen Scott, Chair – next meeting TBD


Action Agenda


# 6304 – Motion by Crystal and seconded by Terri to Adopt the Resolution to name candidates:  Laura Johnson and David Robinson and FPS Board voting representative Ed Wosinski and alternate Terri Blake for NCRESA Board election.


Ayes – 6; Nays – 0 Motion passed.


Board Communications/Discussion


·         Release Time – Ken discussed release time with the Board.  He stated waiting on more information from our attorneys.

·         Theatre Program – Ed stated his attendance at recent City and FCRA meetings.  Ken explained history of theatre property and explained proceeds from recent sale of items will be returned to Theatre program.




# 6305 - Motion by Matt and seconded by Crystal to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 p.m.


Ayes – 6; Nays – 0 Motion passed.