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Session III (5/18 - 5/29)
  Session 3 Packet  PDF Document
  Building a Solar Oven with Mr. Flock  Video Document
  How to Turn a Pizza Box into a Solar Oven  Video Document
  Solar Oven S’mores - Can you cook a s’more without a fire or electricity? PDF Document
  Michigan State Parks Virtual Tours  External Link



Session II (5/4 - 5/15)
  Session II Packet PDF Document
Math, Science,
Social Studies
Video Tutorial for Making a Paper Car Video Document



Session I (4/20 - 5/1)
  Part 1 PDF Document
  Part  2 PDF Document
Writing Capital Letter Lesson (When Do You Use Capital Letters?) Video Document
  I Use A Comma - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle Video Document
Science Mystery Science (How Do Scientists Know So Much?) Video Document
  Mystery Science (How Long Can People and Animals Survive in Outer Space?) Video Document



Session III (5/18 - 5/29)
  4th Grade Project  PDF Document



Session II (5/4 - 5/15)
  Session II Packet PDF Document



Session I (4/20 - 5/1)
  Part 1 PDF Document
  Part 2 PDF Document
  National Parks Google Doc


5th Grade Virtual Tour Video Document


Session III (5/18 - 5/29)
  Session III Packet - Plastics and Our World  PDF Document
  Session III Online Resources  PDF Document



Session II (5/4 - 5/15)
  Session II Packet (American Revolution Detective Notebook) PDF Document
Math Line Plots Introduction Video Document



Session I (4/20 - 5/1)
  Part 1  PDF Document
  Part 2  PDF Document
Reading Love That Dog Google Doc
Writing Words Their Way - Sort 49 (Prefixes, Syllables, and Affixes) Video Document
  Quizlet Flash Cards (prefixes uni-,mono-, bi-, tri-,) Video Document
Math Multiplication - Partial Products Video Document
  Multiplication - Lattice Method Video Document
  Multiplying Decimals Using Estimation Video Document
  Multiplying Decimals Using Decimal Places  Video Document
  Extra Practice Multiplying Decimals Video Document
Social Studies 1st Continental Congress Introduction Video Document
  American Revolution Timeline Introduction Video Document
  WANTED Posters Introduction Video Document



Renaissance is now set up to be open at all times including weekends!!

The students are to use their student ID and their last name as their password.

This is the link directly to the log in page.




Session I (4/20 - 5/1)
  Introduction to Compare and Contrast Video Document



AR (Accelerated Reader) External Link
Scholastic News Magazines External Link
Overwhelmed by all the ideas? We put them in one place for you, by subject. External Link
AUDIBLE FREE External LinkDid you know that Amazon has made all of their stories on AUDIBLE FREE to stream on electronic devices during this school building closure?


Book a FREE online safari from this site! External Link 4/10/2020
We take kids ages 4-18 on free, live and interactive safari experiences, transporting them from wherever they are onto the back of a virtual safari vehicle!
NBA! An All-Star virtual field trip! External Link 4/9/2020
During this 30-minute program, your students will go behind the scenes to meet these NBA storytellers, learn about their careers, and explore how they use creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication to capture the game like never before.
International Space Station Tour External Link 4/8/2020
It is back to space today as we venture to the International Space Station!  Check out these video tours!
Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Animal Cams External Link 4/7/2020
Yesterday was a  trip is to... MARS!!!! Back to Earth today to explore Monterey Bay Aquarium and some of their awesome live animal cams-like jellyfish, sea otters, and penguins!
Our first trip is to... MARS!!!! External Link 4/6/2020
Check this site out where you can "go" to the Red Planet with the help of a robot!
Wonderopolis External Link 4/3/2020
This site provides a “daily wonder” (ex. “What is an Amoeba?”), which includes images and text to answer this question as well as additional opportunities for learners to explore!
Math Playground External Link 4/1/2020
This is a great site for kids who need a break from packet work.  It is an interactive website that allows students to play math games, logic games, go on math arcade adventures and listen to math stories & videos.  Easy to navigate and broken down by grade levels.  No sign in required and no fees.  Thanks for the idea Mr. Vanderhoof!
Unite for Literacy External Link 3/30/2020
In keeping with our nonfiction reading theme for the week,on following site "Unite for Literacy" kids can listen to a variety of non-fiction books in 30 different languages!
Here is a fun SCIENCE game from PBS Kids! External Link 3/26/2020
Players strive to create a balanced desert ecosystem in which each animal has enough food to survive over a period of 12 days, in this interactive game from PLUM LANDING. Players see how the different species of plants and animals in a desert depend on one another. They also experiment with how changing the amount of one resource affects the whole ecosystem.
National Parks Service External Link 3/20/2020
Ever want to climb Grand Teton or hike around a lake in Grand Teton National Park?  Go on an eClimb or eHike on this site from the National Parks Service!
Discovery Education External Link 3/19/2020
Looking for more cool online virtual field trips?  Check out Discovery Education
TRUE FLIX from Scholastic! External Link 3/17/2020
This is an online, highly engaging resource for grades 3 and up!  There are many eBooks with related videos, audio clips, etc!  Our Daisy Brook log in information is: USER ID: daisybrk  PASSWORD: flix
Take a virtual field trip of the Galapagos Islands! External LinkVideo Document 3/16/2020