Fremont High School

Each teacher will offer enrichment activities in each class. Enrichment activities are available through the district web site. Students may access those activities by selecting the high school staff directory from the web site and then selecting their teacher’s name. Each teacher will have their individual class materials listed. These materials are meant to provide an opportunity for students to continue their learning while not being mandatory assignments. If accessing these online opportunities is not possible, please contact the administration office at 924-2350 to obtain paper copies.


  A Letter from the Counselors PDF Document
  COVID-19 Resources and Tools (Learning resources for all grade levels as well as resources for families)


  Resources (K - 11 Parents & Students)
  Khan Academy External LinkJuniors are also encouraged to access Khan Academy . Any Junior student who compiles 10 hours of active engagement (through the three weeks of canceled school) on Khan Academy will receive a $20 gift card. Any Junior who completes a minimum of 20 hours will be entered into a $200 gift card drawing. There will be one winner.

Any Freshman, Sophomore, or Senior who accumulates 20 hours of active engagement on Khan Academy will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Each class year will have one winner. Juniors are being given a greater incentive because they are missing the critical last month of instruction prior to taking the SAT. Khan Academy has been proven to support those students who want to raise their SAT scores.

All gift cards are provided by way of fundraisers and private donors. No tax dollars are being used for this incentive.