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Fremont Public Schools offers hundreds of opportunities for its students and community members. These opportunities continue to make invaluable first impressions and phenomenal lasting impressions on each of our students.

The result of these opportunities and lasting impressions is no less than exceptional! Students excel academically, socially and personally.

  • Well above state average test scores for MEAP and ACT
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April 16, 2014

An Open Letter to the Community:

You likely have heard about an anonymous email sent to various media outlets that accused high school staff and students of cheating on the ACT/MME exam we administered last month.

While there has been no credible information of cheating, misuse of calculators during the ACT test, or of any violation of ACT protocols, the Michigan Department of Education was here on Tuesday, April 15, to conduct fact finding. The Board of Education has also conducted its own internal investigation.

Fremont schools is cooperating with the MDE investigation, and expects to have their final report soon. When we have it, we will share it with you here.

The high school rigidly follows the ACT testing protocols, which are very demanding. ACT guidelines specifically authorize the use of student calculators during the ACT test including the TI-NSPIRE CX.


The ACT manual specifically states: “Some calculators may have mathematical formulas printed on the calculator itself; this is permitted. Likewise, some calculators come with preprinted instructions for the use of the calculator that are inserted in the calculator cover and carried with it; these instructions do not need to be removed. Calculators are NOT TO BE CLEARED by staff before or during the test.”

We believe these allegations are unfounded and false. Cheating is repugnant to the policies and values of Fremont Public Schools. We are committed to excellence in all that we do.

Please continue to give your support to our high school teachers and students, who have been subjected to a very stressful time. They represent the very best in values and integrity of our community.


Jim Hieftje                                                        Scott Sherman

Superintendent                                      High School Principal

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