Our Staff

We believe that developing good students of good character is the responsibility of all of us. A positive, on-going working relationship between students, parents and staff is essential to developing good students and citizens. Please talk with your child daily about what happened at school during the day.

Be sure to call if there are problems or concerns. We also like to hear from you when things are going great!

School Administrators

Name Position
Bob Cassiday Daisy Brook Principal


Name Position
Haley Parker Secretary to the Principal
Mychelle Nicholas Receptionist / Secretary


Name Position
Kellie Deluca Teacher - Special Education
Jean Matthews Teacher - Special Education
Rebecca Stroven Teacher - Special Education
Terri Turan Teacher - Special Education
Karen Berens Teacher
Clayton Breiler Teacher
Susan Delia Teacher
Lori Flock Teacher
Julie Gardenour Teacher
Cheryl Hanna Teacher
Darin Kimbler Teacher
Lisa Kraley Teacher
Mike Lynch Teacher
Chris Matthews Teacher
Brenda Morse Teacher
Emily Reisler Teacher
Diana Whittle Teacher
Martha Kallenbach Elementary Music Teacher

Teacher Assistants

Name Position
Virginia Bernia Teacher Assistant
Sara Gates Teacher Assistant
Heather Giberson Teacher Assistant
Diane Greiner Teacher Assistant
Cindy Leiter Teacher Assistant
Ann Tillman Teacher Assistant
Kristine Fields Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Shawn Flock Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Cheryl Heyboer Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Susan Johnson Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Gail Olsen Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Deb Pell Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Kathy Scott Teacher Assistant - Special Education

Food Service

Name Position
Michelle Hambrock Head Cashier

After School Program

Name Position
Lynae Lubbers ASP On-Site Supervisor