Our Staff

We believe that developing good students of good character is the responsibility of all of us. A positive, on-going working relationship between students, parents and staff is essential to developing good students and citizens. Please talk with your child daily about what happened at school during the day.

Be sure to call if there are problems or concerns. We also like to hear from you when things are going great!

School Administrators

Name Position
Sherman, Scott High School Principal
Lienau, Zach High School Assistant Principal

Athletic Department

Name Position
Walls, David Athletic Director
Carpenter, Sarah Athletic Trainer
Perkins, LeAnna Secretary to the Athletic Director

Guidance Office

Name Position
Mull, Steve Guidance Counselor (Grades 10 & 12)
Wenk, Tressa Guidance Counselor (Grades 9 & 11)
Grenan, Katie College Advisor


Name Position
Ingersoll, Wendy Administrative Secretary
Cosens, Pam Attendance Secretary


Name Position
Doran, Cheryl Teacher - Special Education
Garbrecht, Angela Teacher - Special Education
Reichert-Slater, Karey Teacher - Special Education
Anderson, Julie Teacher
Bahorski, Sara Teacher
Breza, Mark Teacher
Brown, Nick Teacher
Cook, Jane Teacher
Douglass, Amy Teacher
Gleason, Chris Teacher
Hansen, Topher Teacher
Holman, Elly Teacher
Klenk, Brian Teacher
Langereis, Paul Teacher
Moon, Jeff Teacher
Near, Birgit Teacher
Paige, Emily Teacher
Pekel, Mary Teacher
Smith, Rebel Teacher
Somers, Cliff Teacher
Tank, Rick Teacher
Vissia, Steve Teacher
Walls, David Teacher
Wyn, Mark Teacher

Teacher Assistants

Name Position
Force, Scott Teacher Assistant
Kukal, Jamie Teacher Assistant
Alvesteffer, Pamela Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Gillespie, Misty Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Homrich, Yvonne Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Olson, Lori Teacher Assistant - Special Education

Support Services

Name Position
Degen, Dan Academic Interventionist
Kaastra, Rhoni Academic Interventionist
Powers, Liz Academic Interventionist

Food Service

Name Position
Hunt, Jill Head Cashier