Our Staff

We believe that developing good students of good character is the responsibility of all of us. A positive, on-going working relationship between students, parents and staff is essential to developing good students and citizens. Please talk with your child daily about what happened at school during the day.

Be sure to call if there are problems or concerns. We also like to hear from you when things are going great!

School Administrators

Name Position
Wightman, Deb Middle School Principal
Zerlaut, Wes Middle School Assistant Principal


Name Position
Pikaart, Michelle Secretary to the Principal


Name Position
Breuker, Scott Teacher - Special Education
Moon, Michelle Teacher - Special Education
Sparks, Vicki Teacher - Special Education
Anderson, Julie Teacher
Breza, Mark Teacher
Edwards, Loren Teacher
Grabill, Terry Teacher
Heft, Jasey Teacher
Henry, Sean Teacher
Jaunese, Rachel Teacher
Krim, John Teacher
Moon, Jeff Teacher
Somers, Trisha Teacher
Totten, Sarah Teacher
Welch, Brian Teacher
Zerfas, Pete Teacher

Teacher Assistants

Name Position
Patterson, Teresa Teacher Assistant
Slovinski, Jennifer Teacher Assistant
Walker, Michele Teacher Assistant
Bobian, Heidi Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Delo, Angela Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Rottier, Colleen Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Scott, Stephanie Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Sherwood, Heather Teacher Assistant - Special Education

Support Services

Name Position
Miller-TerVeer, Carrie Behavioral Interventionist
Maki, Dan Academic Interventionist
Veenstra, Jessica Academic Interventionist

Food Service

Name Position
Heykoop, Terry Food / Mail Delivery
Smalligan, Krista Head Cashier

After School Program

Name Position
Dunbar, Kayla ASP On-Site Supervisor


Name Position
Alger, Kyle Senior Computer Systems Technician
Smith, Lloyd SMS Admin / Webmaster / Photographer