Our Staff

We believe that developing good students of good character is the responsibility of all of us. A positive, on-going working relationship between students, parents and staff is essential to developing good students and citizens. Please talk with your child daily about what happened at school during the day.

Be sure to call if there are problems or concerns. We also like to hear from you when things are going great!

School Administrators

Name Position
Wood, Andrea Pathfinder Principal


Name Position
Workman, Kaurie Secretary to the Principal
Maike, Cyndi Secretary


Name Position
Chandonnet, Judy Teacher - Special Education
Heinzman, Sonja Teacher - Special Education
Wiersema, Katie Teacher - Special Education
Afton, Morgan Teacher
Brown, Jackie Teacher
Cornett-Wright, Meagan Teacher
Daudlin, Christine Teacher
Ferris, Jodi Teacher
Hall, Makenzie Teacher
Karnemaat, Bill Teacher
Kessler, Joanne Teacher
Lindsay, Herb Teacher
Muma, Penny Teacher
Nestle, Andrea Teacher
Perez, Devin Teacher
Pettis, Ann Teacher
Ransom, Ryan Teacher
Sanborn, Jamie Teacher
Sparks, Tricia Teacher
Thompson, Amanda Teacher
Voyt, Cheryl Teacher
Wills, Heather Teacher
Kallenbach, Martha Elementary Music Teacher

Teacher Assistants

Name Position
Bazzett, Carol Teacher Assistant
Borgman, Autumn Teacher Assistant
Bradley, Cassie Teacher Assistant
Breza, Laurie Teacher Assistant
Deater, Chris Teacher Assistant
Hance, April Teacher Assistant
LaMadine, Dana Teacher Assistant
Mazeikis, Christina Teacher Assistant
Vanvleet, Katie Teacher Assistant
Norris, Kandy Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Parks, Kelly Teacher Assistant - Special Education
Taube, Judy Teacher Assistant - Special Education

Support Services

Name Position
Fosburg, Mike Behavioral Interventionist
Lensky, Michelle Academic Interventionist
Mott, Saquana Academic Interventionist
Thompson, Deb Academic Interventionist

Food Service

Name Position
Breuker, Mary Head Cashier
Hickman, Lynn Head Cashier

After School Program

Name Position
Miller, Jackie ASP On-Site Supervisor