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Community Service

There have been several questions asked about community service and hours turned in that are not eligible. Knowing that, I thought it would be helpful to put the guidelines out there so that you understand the requirement and guidelines before you sign something that isn't accepted. It's pretty simple:

  •  Students may not be financially compensated for the service
  •  Service may not be for someone related to the student
  •  Service should not be credited if completed during a school day/during school hours
  •  Service will only be accepted for a non profit organization
  •  Service can be earned once the student is labeled a high school student. (summer before their freshman year to graduation)

 The service must be primarily for the benefit of others, not the individual rendering the service. There could be some exceptions to who the service is for (or should I say whom) but approval should be attained through the office if there is a question.

Community Service Hours Log