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Fremont Public Schools Nutrition Services is proud to announce that Breakfast & Lunch are both free for the 2023-2024 school Year for all FPS enrolled students.  Please be sure to fill out the HIR (Household income Report) so we can continue offering these meals for free.

The Nutrition Services Department is committed to offering our students meals that are healthy, well balanced, and are nutritionally appealing.  These meals meet the federal nutritional guidelines for schools.

Due to the national food shortage, FPS may experience difficulty receiving products that are necessary to fulfill the items listed on our menus.  Changes to the menus may be necessary due to these ongoing issues, but we are doing our very best to serve what is listed.  If the menu needs to be changed due to these issues, we will let the individual schools know so they may pass it on to the households.  We appreciate your patience and understanding while we strive to ensure we do the best we can to offer what is listed on the menu.

Breakfast and Lunch for the 2023-2024 school year are both free to all enrolled Fremont Public Schools students

Breakfast is offered at the following times.

Pathfinder-7:25am to 7:50am

Daisy Brook-7:30am to 7:50am

Middle School-7:30am to 7:50am

High School-7:40am to 8:05am

Quest-09:00am to 9:15am

*If your student is late and would like breakfast please have them check in at the office upon arrival and let the staff know your student would like breakfast and the office staff in the building will direct your student from there.

Education Benefits Form (2023-2024)

Payment Portal and are retired

New site:  Family Portal

Family Portal Guide for Parents

  • Fremont Public Schools students fill out the Household income report online
  • NCRESA Activity Center Students fill out the Free/Reduced application on line
  • Make deposits & monitor accounts online!

Other Resources

PDF DocumentNondiscrimination Statement

PDF DocumentSummer Meals Program

PDF DocumentWellness Policy (In Process)

The food service staff will continue to serve the students of Fremont Public Schools with a variety of quality foods throughout this school year. Breakfast and lunch will be offered starting Monday, August 29. 

On scheduled half days, breakfast will be served but there will be no lunch. On weather delay days, some schools will serve breakfast if there is a need; lunch will be available at the normal times.

Deposits, Histories, and Lunch Applications On-Line

The food service department’s POS cash register system, Meal Magic, allows parents to access their children’s accounts, view histories, make credit card deposits, and apply for free or reduced lunches on-line with a secure internet connection. If you have computer/software problems with either of these services, please call the Meal Magic Corporation at 1-877-383-3100 and select support.

You will need to know your student’s ID# in order to access his/her account. If you do not know your student’s ID#, please call the food service director at 231-924-8160 to get this information.

Once on the website, you can deposit money on-line by credit/debit card or checking account, and view your student’s balance and history. All deposits will be received into your child’s account within 15 minutes and you can make deposits for more than one child using only one transaction

There is no minimum deposit, but there is a base fee of $2.65 for credit cards and an ACH fee of $1 per transaction for all deposits made online. 

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