Pathfinder Online Enrollment Instructions

Please plan to assist us with enrollment/registration by providing us with:

1.State certified birth certificate (not hospital issued)
2. Two (2) proofs of your residency
3. Immunization record

Enclosed are the forms needed to have your child enrolled in Fremont Public Schools. These forms must be completed/signed before your child may attend Fremont Public Schools.

Student Enrollment / Registration Form

Please complete both sides of this form, fill in every blank and answer each question as completely as possible and please remember to sign at bottom of Page 2.

PDF DocumentOn Line Enrollment Instructions

PDF DocumentKindergarten Frequently Asked Questions
PDF DocumentKindergarten Waiver Request (2020 - 2021)

PDF DocumentPathfinder Elementary Enrollment Packet (01 - 06 below combined)

PDF Document01 Pathfinder Enrollment Checklist
PDF Document02 Pathfinder Enrollment 2020
PDF Document03 Residency Verification Survey and Home Language Survey
PDF Document04 Concussion Form
PDF Document05 MICR Consent-Form-for-Disclosures 2020
PDF Document06 ICHAT consent form PF

Additional forms below may need to be completed at each individual school.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working with you and your child / children at Fremont Public Schools.