Welcome to Fremont Public Schools!

Fremont Public Schools offers hundreds of opportunities for its students and community members. These opportunities continue to make invaluable first impressions and phenomenal lasting impressions on each of our students.

Exceptional Results

The result of these opportunities and lasting impressions is no less than exceptional! Students excel academically, socially and personally. Students score well above the state average in key tests such as the M-STEP and the SAT. Students also excel in the academic arena in Advanced Placement course work and testing.

Beyond academic success, many of the district's staff members and programs are recognized across the state for their excellence and, overall, our schools receive exceptional grades from the State of Michigan's ‘Education Yes!' program.

The outcome: Our students earn an average of $1,500,000 in scholarships annually and our alumni continue on to become successful adults - making their own exceptional impressions, opportunities and results!

Academic Excellence

When reviewing district test scores on the M-STEP, the State of Michigan's standardized test for elementary through high school students, the success of students at Fremont Public Schools is apparent. Our students continually score well-above the state average.