Skyward FAQ

I’m having difficulty logging in. Am I using the correct Login ID?
The default login convention is the first five characters of your last name followed by the first three characters of your first name followed three zeros. If your last name is only three or four characters long, you will have to substitute the five character convention with spaces. For example, if your name is James Bond, the log on convention is BOND JAM000. If your last name only has three characters, for instance Casper Boo, the log on will be BOO  CAS000.
Can I retrieve my password and/or login name if I have forgotten what they are?
Yes, you can go to the Skyward Login page and click on the “forgot your login or password” link. Your logon information will be sent directly to your e-mail account. If you have not previously entered your e-mail address in your Skyward account this is not an option. In this case you must contact your child’s school’s main office or guidance office.
How do I change my Password, Logon ID or e-mail address?
All three of these changes may be made by going to the My Account link located towards the top-right of the homepage.
Why am I receiving a message about a certificate?
In order to ensure a secure connection between parents and guardians and the Skyward grade book, we have implemented the same security used by websites that accept credit card information. If you look at the web address, you will see “https.” If you are receiving the error message about a certificate, please ensure you are using the newest version of your web browser.
I have multiple children. Do I need multiple accounts?
If a parent/guardian has multiple children attending the Fremont Public School district, all student information will be displayed under a single parent/guardian account.
I signed up for access in the past. Do I need to sign up again?
You do not need to sign up again if you signed up in the past.
Do both parents of a household get individual accounts for accessing Skyward?
No, each family is issued a single account to be shared amongst all parents/guardians of the household. However, a second parent who does not live in the child’s primary household may request a separate account. Parents who are also employees of the district would also get a separate account.
Can I change my username and password?
Yes, after logging into Skyward, select the My Account link in the upper right corner. On this page you will see two links on the right side that will allow you to do this. 
How do I see assignments and tests?
After entering Skyward, click on the Gradebook link. This will give you a list of classes and grades. Click on a grade, and a new window will open displaying further details about the selected grade.
Why are some columns in the grade book shaded yellow?
Yellow shading indicates that the marking period you are looking at is active and the grade shown is subject to change as assignments and tests are added and scored. You may also notice this shading for the final grade if the course has not completed for the year.
Who can I contact with an issue?
Questions concerning grade book scoring or assignments should be directed to your child’s teacher. Questions, problems and suggestions regarding the Skyward Parent and Student Access application should be directed to your student's school office.